Senior Designer/Renderer





Primary Responsibilities
A Senior Designer is someone that can help bring new ideas to life through top-notch visualization and design skills. He or she will work closely with the Creative Director to come up with cutting edge and innovative designs using the resources that are available. CANDIDATE WILL ONLY BE CONSIDERED IF THEY ARE PROFICIENT IN 3D STUDIO MAX AND ADOBE CREATIVE SUITE. This designer should be able to multitask, work well with others and communicate effectively. A Senior Designer should be able to work quickly and productively while also bringing new ideas to the table and thinking outside the box. Finally, this candidate should be an extremely motivated individual who gets the job done in a timely fashion.

Reporting to
Reports to Creative Director

Specific responsibilities
•Works under Creative Director or directly with sales team to develop and improve upon ideas
•Works with creative team and engineering to meet client needs by conceptualizing ideas
•Great knowledge of the P.O.P industry and understands test/buy merchandising
•Creates 3D fixtures & tester trays with attention to detail with knowledge on how they are put together
•Build complex cosmetic products at a fast-pace in 3D Studio Max (modeling and mapping)
•Use extensive problem solving skills to create original and innovative solutions
•Being able to work in small teams with a great deal of communication to create and improve designs
•Able to clearly and effectively give direction to graphic designer and able to mentor junior level designers

•B.S. in Design or related field
•5 + years experience in 3D modeling
•Must be proficient in 3D Studio Max and Adobe Creative Suite
•High level of lighting skills in a 3-dimensional world
•High level of skill in freehand sketching and drawing
•Great at understanding directions, communicating and organization
•Must be able to comprehend engineering drawings to the industry standard
•General knowledge of working with different materials and general construction
•Able to build and map live products to grow product libraries to exact dimensions
•Flexibility to adapt to deadlines, changing schedules, priorities, and unpredictable events within a fast- paced manufacturing environment.

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