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Jane Foster

Jane Foster


I am an abstract painter, I paint on canvas, with acrylic paint, Landscapes, which are slightly raw, with less rather than more detail, some even touching on abstract, and abstract geometrics, which are self portraits.
They aim to show me, my life, feelings, and personal encounters, things like serendipity and fate. The shapes representing thoughts, words, feelings, emotions, sounds, music, history, laughter, they are structure and form, physical, actual objects, or more empirical, or theoretical things, lessons learnt, life baggage we carry in our souls, like love, desire, or pain and hurt, emotionally powerful things.
Sean Allard

Freelance Commercial Photographer


Sean has been working in the media industry for over ten years, and his photography has attracted increasing attention due to its bold, uncompromising aesthetic power.
His love of travel is reflected in much of his work, which seeks to convey his sense of wonder: the breathtaking beauty of his natural landscapes is juxtaposed with the striking, almost brutal power of his cityscapes; his portraits convey the unique personality of each subject; his fashion photography is luxuriant and seductive. Each photograph is meticulously planned; Sean favours a slower pace of photography and his patient, uncompromising approach ensures that each image is fundamentally aesthetically pleasing. He has collaborated with numerous well-known advertising companies and worked with charities on various campaigns, has photographed celebrities and royalty and has been published in a number of magazines. Significant television and film work has influenced his eclectic, powerful and dynamic style.
Anastacia Vorobyeva

Senior Graphic Designer/Creative Artist


I am a well travelled, Creative mind who is interested in all aspects of design and art. I have years of experience in the industry and worked with the worldwide brands during her career as a Graphic Designer.
My specialty is finding new, innovative ways to approach any design problem at hand and provide full client satisfaction and beyond.
Quinn Butterfield


Los Angeles

Quinn Butterfield graduated in 2016 from Loyola Marymount University with a BA in Studio Arts with an emphasis in Art Education and a credential to teach secondary art. She is currently living and working in LA as a freelance artist.
Recent freelance works have included colored pencil, acrylic, and Digital deign pieces of varying sizes and styles. She hopes to find more work in the art field and to meet new creatives liker herself.

Film Maker/ Photographer / Editor

London and Bermuda

karli.jai is an independent filmmaker, editor and photographer. Having developed a passion for film photography at the green age of 14, she never leaves home without at least one camera.
Working out of both London and Bermuda, she works exclusively with analog photography focusing on editorial, artistic and street portraits. karli.jai has a talent for drawing out the true character of her subjects.
Danny Gaska



Fashion and beauty photographer based in London

Photograpy Student


Dedicated Creative Arts student who exhibits a true love for the craft, art and science of the photography process. Inspires others with creative insight and enthusiasm. Photographer continually inspired by people from all walks of life, especially in urban scenes.
Brings international experience, as well as advanced knowledge from continued coursework.
Egor Kraft


Sam Bridge



Sam is an illustrator and muralist living in Brixton, London. He was always drawing and painting from a young age and ended up going to the University of East London to study Fine Art.
Sam found that once he put his work in all of the shows and galleries he really started to succeed, and he's now a full time artist who's dedicated to the lifestyle! Illustrations on large scale walls are a great way to brighten up an area and the idea of bringing good artwork directly to people is really attractive to Sam. Sam has worked on huge illustration projects on company’s walls to small spot illustrations for magazines. Posca pens are a particular favourite tool of Sam's as they write on almost anything. However he is also able to use watercolours and pencil work as well.
Zorra Ram Kaur



My life has always encompassed the arts, whether it be as a child creating fashion for paper dolls, an interior designer, working artist designing and making metal sculpture and furniture, new product development assistant, or working on mixed-media pieces in various formats.
I have an affinity for fashion design that is not geared toward streetwear but more as costume or installation art. I have traveled Europe and lived in thriving U.S. cities which has fed my creativity and offered inspiration. My years of unique experiences, talents and abilities color me as an effective art consultant as well as an artist. I create and speak from my heart.