Open Call for Exhibition








We are a new contemporary Arts organisation dedicated to organising exhibitions for new contemporary artists across the country and internationally.

We are taking submissions and portfolios now for next years programme of group exhibitions.

Works can be in any medium and based on any theme. Our idea is to put on as many shows as possible of new artists works and to group together artists with similar practices.

We are looking for all mediums, including performance, film, installation, multimedia, music, sound, painting, sculpture and 3d. We prefer artists who are flexible with there practices and willing to take on new challenging spaces with there work.


Please could you email to us,

A personal statement (as many words as you like)

A portfolio (as many images as you'd like)

And any proposals for new ideas such as installations if you have any

All artforms are welcome


We will be back in touch with you soon


Sometime Exhibitions

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