EUNMI MIMI KIM | Multi-Media Artist | London | Art Jobs
Country: United Kingdom
City: London
Industry: Multidiscipline
Professional Title: Multi-Media Artist

- About -

/ I’m Eunmi Mimi Kim(b.1988, KR) who was born in Korea and been London-based artist after finished MA Experimental Design at Royal College of Art, London. I define myself as an experimental-media-practitioner in a contemporary art context. I work at the intersections of visual arts performance, research, digitally-mediated experimentation, installation and sound art. I explore contemplative, technical and theoretical practice but above all things, my work usually research-driven under conceptually-led approaches ㅡ especially sensorial study including sensory perception, experience and its corresponding communication under my own scientific & medical interest yet emancipatory possibilities of its embodiment in an artistic way. I’m intrigued by the way how we perceive the world around us through the senses based on therapeutic, meditative, philosophical, neuro-scientific, cognitive-psychological research. I’ve been trying to reflect my scientific and meditative interests into my own form of art through various medium. To specify this, my interests during my master period at Royal College of Art were focused on embodied cognition, neural activity and sensory deprivation based on my physical, physiological and psychological features: Since I have hormone/stress-related disease called hyperthyroidism, hypersensitivity and meticulousness, I am easily be pushed into sensory overload. Based on this, I dig on transcendental consciousness and therapeutic experience. For instance, < Me-Time (4.0) > series are self-experiments, it aims to align my mind and body back into balance by reducing sensory stimuli through eccentric methods of sensory deprivation and isolation. Under my hypersensitivity and the avalanche of runaway thoughts, I often encounter an ineffable cognition, perception, sense, thought and feeling in variable moments that are sometimes too elusive to define because not merely the volatility of associative feelings; but also the confined oral language. Not all things can be decoded by the linguistic and semantic way: yet-to-be-verbalised/defined-senses. I’m eager for articulating who I am, what I think, ultimately, my sensory world by my own artistic language.