Shukrije | Art technician | London | Art Jobs
Country: United Kingdom
City: London
Industry: Education
Professional Title: Art technician
Specialties: Textiles, + 5 years photoshop, +5 Years Experience in Photography

- About -

Cover Letter I completed my degree in textiles in 2017 at The University of the Creative Arts achieving a B.A in Printed Textiles and gaining a 2:1 where my studies have helped to achieve high levels of both creative and technical skills. During my course, I had the opportunity to experiment with a wide range of techniques and materials. My contextual studies played a vital role in helping me understand how to develop and research themes to support my practice as a designer. The area that provided the starting point for most of my work ranges between different concepts from minimalistic to the very detailed outcomes working within the themes of architecture, texture and flowers. Through this I was able to look at the role they played in the development of textiles from the earliest example of this genre to the present day exploring a diverse range of cultural influences. At the heart of my work, the development of ideas was through the medium of drawing frequently and working from observation. I explored many areas of textile production from hand embroidery to advanced digital printing techniques, and I was able to successfully combine many different traditions and ideas into my work. I was also interested and looking at the natural world through the interpretation of microphotography as well as botanical illustration. I was also able to use my advanced skills in Photoshop to help me visualise my designs in pre-production as an important tool in the design process of my own textiles. I was lucky enough to have a work placement at The Amanda Kelly Design Studio where I had the opportunity to learn about the commercial application of textile design using both traditional and digital methods of production and had the chance to sit in on meeting with clients to understand how design is used in the world of commerce. When I was first contemplating the idea of a career as a teacher I decided to volunteer at the school London Academy, where I had begun my journey as an artist. Here, I was given the opportunity to assist in teaching Art And Design as well as Textiles and Photography with students in all Key Stages. I felt I had a real skill in motivating the students and encouraging them to produce their best work, while also focusing on behaviour and classroom organisation. I was also involved in supporting students who found it difficult to participate in lessons in a constructive way where I had the opportunity to learn about the managerial and administrative duties of a teacher. The concept of art is based on the individual perspective; each person has their own way of expressing themselves. When I had the opportunity to be at London Academy, I slowly adjusted my attitude and views towards their needs and requirements. Given the opportunity to help out at The High Gate Wood School, I believe I am suitable to learn more about the students and their different field of vision. During my own time at school, I loved the creative opportunities that I was given and feel this was an important part of making me the person I am today. I would love the chance of being able to help young people explore the satisfaction of developing their personal creativity to find and embrace their own artistic vision. Kind regards, Shukrije krasniqi