Adrianna | Artist | Los Angeles | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: Los Angeles
Industry: Art Direction
Professional Title: Artist
Specialties: Fine Art, Contemporary Art, Pop art

- About -

Bio I'm a Canadian-born American fine artist. After earning my degree in Fashion Design, and spending fifteen years in the Los Angeles fashion industry I decided to follow my childhood ambition of connecting my two passions for art and design. I can be found most days in my studio working on creating custom work for clients, publications and personal experiments. As a fine artist I'm drawn to tactile details from my experience working in the fashion industry and applying them to my love of iconic portraiture. Artist Statement My inspiration is drawn from many places, one of them being a deep curiosity for fashion. I may find inspiration while flipping through cultural magazines, watching a runway show - scanning for the latest street style trend, a peculiar “look”, or an unconventional beauty. These references and inspirations are reflected in my work. My paintings are my expression, recordings of my take on what is popular in fashion today. I recently became an American citizen and now am part of the American melting pot. What I find intriguing about the cultural diversity of my new country, is reflected in my work - how fashion performs as a form of communication and a visual symbol of one’s identity. I re-arrange visual symbols by cutting and editing elements of facial features from different ethnicities, various hairstyles and clothing styles collaging them to create revised compositions. From this re-mix, a new portrait is born becoming a new person, challenging known stereotypes, challenging expectations and ultimately creating my personal vision.