alessia Locatelli | Art & Photography Critic and Curator | Milan | Art Jobs
Country: Italy
City: Milan
Industry: Event
Professional Title: Art & Photography Critic and Curator
Specialties: Concept Developement, project management, Creative Events

- About -

Hallo I 'd like to work into some office oriented in doing something real on the people and our future...from my childhood I'm interesting in culture, art, human relations and nature respect and development. I studied first language (to communicate with everybody- I know 4 languages), than -at university -an human faculty /history of contemporary art-Photography; and a post university Master in "Cultural event organization& communication-found raising", just to try to enter with all my passion in an international organization. I work from 5 years between cultural events (also with Contrasto agency), art journalism, press and communication. I’m able to manage money and speak with people. I love to travel and to meet new cultures. I’m very able in my job, and I try to have quality in all I do. Sure that attitude can bring to the correct way...! Bests ALESSIA LOCATELLI