Alexandra Masson | artist/photographer | Miami | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: Miami
Industry: Art Direction
Professional Title: artist/photographer
Specialties: Photography, Mixed Media, Painting

- About -

Alexandra Masson (1960) apprehends moments of having and having not/losing, commotions and shocks caused in her by external events, travelling as a metaphor of introspective displacements and close-up colors of flora to translate them into a personal cosmovision of the transient nature of life, passing beauty and encounters/falling outs. Through direct untouched/modified digital photos and paintings, she privileges color and erases the limits of shape and form to express, codify, sublimate and re-channel her personal life-story. Heiress to two cultures by her Italian flight engineer and her Trinidadian English teacher mother and assimilated to a third one she knew nothing about, the Crayford, Kent, England-born artist has lived in Madrid, Buenos Aires, San Fernando (Trinidad) and Caracas, Venezuela, where she currently resides and moves between art, photography, simultaneous interpretation and translation.