Alex Morales | Fine Artist, Sculptor | Woodbridge | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: Woodbridge
Industry: Arts & Culture
Professional Title: Fine Artist, Sculptor
Specialties: acrylic and oil paint

- About -

Alex Morales began his artistic career in 1983 as a fourteen-year-old boy. His journey was a long and slow one, yet he carried it out with conviction and self- confidence. He was a natural-born artist, and he believed this was just the beginning of his endless search for the secrets of drawing and painting. He received his formal education at the "Museo Departamental de Bellas Artes (Museum of Fine Arts)" of San Jose de Mayo, in Uruguay. By the year 1986, he had completed his artistic education. In the three years of continuous apprenticeship, experimentation, and practice, which were essential to Morales, he used this time to build the foundation for his artwork. During his apprenticeship, he started making a living as a sign painter. Within a few years, he became an expert in the field and expanded his talent to billboard advertising, including painting large scale murals on buildings. Working on large scale paintings triggered his passion for murals and gave him an opportunity to develop his knowledge of structural and wall compositions. In 1990, Morales moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina. For four years, he worked in the field of advertising, which left little time for his fine-art painting. Morales returned to Uruguay in 1994. There, he was recruited by one of the most important advertising agencies of Uruguay, Unidad Publicitaria. For three years, he served as an Illustrator and Creative Designer for the agency while studying graphic design. For the next two years, in addition to advertising, he worked as a Scenography Designer for national TV. He also worked as a model in many TV commercials. In 1997, he switched gears once again and left advertising behind to work in decoration and fine-art painting. Morales' work received outstanding reviews in the media and the press alike. He was recognized as one of the best decorators of clubs, restaurants, and pubs nationally. Indeed, his designs, murals, and sculptures adorn the cities of Uruguay. At this time, Morales started working more intensively in his fine-art painting while developing his talent for sculpting and murals. He exhibited his artwork in many renowned art galleries in Uruguay. In 2005, he joined the Sub-commission of the Departmental Museum of Fine Arts of San Jose de Mayo, Uruguay with the purpose of promoting visual arts and supporting artists. He is the co-founder and vice-president of the Visual Arts Association of the department of San Jose which was created that same year. In 2006, he was nominated by the Visual Arts Association to serve as the representative of the Department of San Jose at the National Assembly of Culture, organized by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Uruguay. Meanwhile, he continued exhibiting his work in different venues and art galleries until 2007. In 2007, Morales relocated to the United States. He settled in the New York City where he was granted the prestigious O-1 Visa for Artists with Extraordinary Ability as an Illustrator and Muralist for the Green Team Advertising Agency. By the year 2008, Morales's work was displayed for the first time in the United States at "Gallery 4", in New Jersey. Since then, Morales has participated in a series of prominent exhibitions in New York, Miami, New Jersey and Spain (Barcelona). In 2009, he was selected, among 18,000 artists from LA, NYC, and Miami, to compete in the Reality TV Show "Work of Genius." The show aimed at discovering the most talented artist. Morales is currently a member of several Organizations for artists. Amongst them are the ArteLatAm, the American Watercolor Association, and the New York Artists Equity Association. In 2013, Morales set aside advertising illustrations once again to focus exclusively on his art, particularly large-scale artworks which have characterized him to this day. In 2016, Morales inaugurated the "Alex Morales Art Gallery" in Hoboken, NJ. The gallery offers exclusive artwork designed and created by Morales. In the same year, his solo exhibition "Watercolor Paintings" held at the Hoboken Historical Museum became an immense success. Morales' art gallery took part in several important artistic events including the Hoboken Art Fairs of 2015 and 2016 and the Hoboken Art Gala in 2017. The Council of Hoboken has selected Morales as one of their artists’ ambassadors, and his artwork is currently displayed in large banners all over the city. Morales still resides in the United States, where he works exclusively on selling and exhibiting his artwork. In his illustrious career, he has gained both national and global recognition.