Country: United States
City: Woodbridge
Industry: Arts & Culture
Professional Title: Fine Artist, Sculptor
Specialties: acrylic and oil paint

- About -

He started out in the world of fine arts in 1983 when he was fourteen years old. He commenced his studies in the Museo Departamental de Bellas Artes of the city of San Jose de Mayo, Uruguay. It is then that Alex Morales starts a long and slow journey, sure of himself and with the conviction of being a natural born artist, and starts the endless search to learn the secrets of drawing and painting. He continues his formal studies until he is seventeen years old (1986). These three years of continuous learning, experimentation and practice were seminal, given that it is during thistime that he lays his own foundation as an artist. In parallel to his art, he begins to make a living thanks to his brush as a letter painter that in a few years leads him to expand his horizons in the area of publicity and advertising, and paints large murals on the walls of buildings. This work awakens an enormous passion as an artist in the discipline of mural painting, activity that forces him to gain deep knowledge in the old profession of construction. In 1990 he travels to Buenos Aires, Argentina where he lives for four years dedicated to his work as a publicity artist, leaving him with little time for his fine art painting. In 1994, he returns to Uruguay and is contracted by an important publicity agency. He perfects this craft, studies graphic design and becomes a graphic artist and illustrator and spends three years in this profession. In 1994/ 1995, besides working in publicity he works as a set designer and model for several television commercials. In 1997 he changes direction once again and leaves behind publicity as a profession, and dedicates himself as a decorator and fine art painting. He is recognized at the national level as one of the best decorators of discothèques and pubs, profession that takes him to travel his whole country leaving his art in each Uruguayan city, showing his designs, murals and sculptures. At this moment and with more time he starts to work intensely in fine art painting. He experiments both in small-scale sculpture as well as large-scale works of art, activity that to this day is self-taught. He exhibits in diverse and important galleries in Uruguay and teaches practical drawing and painting. In 2005 he becomes a member of the artists sub-commission of the departmental museum of San Jose. He is a founder and vice president of the Asociacion de Artistas Plasticos de San Jose. In 2006 he is named as a delegate and representative of the department of San Jose, at the national assembly of culture, located in Salto and organized by Centro de Educacion y Cultura. He continues to exhibit in different locales and galleries until 2007, year in which he moves to the United States. He moves to New York City and obtains an O-1 visa for Extraordinary Ability. He is accepted at New York Artists Equity Association. In this same year he is hired by a publicity agency, Green Team Advertising, and works there as a creator and illustrator. In 2008 he begins his first exhibit here in the United States. During this period he leaves once again the profession of publicity and dedicates himself exclusively to his art creating large-scale works of art which to this day is what characterizes him. In 2009 he is selected among 18,000 artists from LA, NYC, and Miami to compete in a reality show of fine artists, (Work of Genius) which consisted of a competition to discover the most talented artists among them. From that moment Morales realizes a series of important expositions and murals in places such as New Jersey, Miami, New York and Barcelona. Alex Morales resides in New York, dedicated exclusively to fine art, exhibits and the sale of his art.