Alejandro Gomez | anthropologist - photojournalist - documentary photographer | London / Colombia | Art Jobs
Country: United Kingdom
City: London / Colombia
Industry: Photography
Professional Title: anthropologist - photojournalist - documentary photographer
Specialties: Photojournalism, ethnography, qualitative analysis

- About -

I am 32 years old, I am from Bogota, Colombia. I am a very creative person and try to develop different activities. Besides being a sportsman, I also enjoy reading, do crafts and do some juggling in my free time. Such activities have helped me in my research to break the ice in the places where I go. This has been a way of trust building and exchanging knowledge. I believe that the most important thing is to understand that knowledge is the product of a collective work and reciprocity, among colleagues and in the community. I like the idea of enriching my knowledge without limits, always keeping in mind my aim to contribute and not to destroy my work. So I take very seriously my labor, while I recognize the responsibility that implies working always with people.