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Andy Sowerby is a director and visual artist. He is a graduate of Newport Film School and his films have been screened internationally, including at London Short Film Festival, Atlanta Film Festival, and BBC Music Video Festival and on websites such as and Andy's practice explores tensions between narrative driven themes and abstracted expressive representation. His artistic moving image work regularly uses evocative dynamic abstractions; dancing kinetic textural marks made of colour and light. Andy is a freelance editor with a range of experience in broadcast, feature and short films, commercials and music videos. Andy’s previous editing work includes feature documentary Lone Pine, about western movies shot in Lone Pine California; short documentaries with The Guardian and Bloomberg Media; commercials for Youtube, Nespresso, Vauxhall and Vodafone and award winning short films Roake and How to be a Villain. Andy is also a co-director Dream Of Life, a community interest company in London, who create a safe creative space for young women who are facing challenging life circumstances to explore dreams and aspirations through visual arts.