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Sr. Auction Specialist




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The focus of the Sr. Account Specialist is to work in the capacity of art sales specialist that is intended to drive revenue and business development in the UK and within European markets. You will zero in on continuous management of business relationships & client connections building and maintaining a dense network that will become your client book. This role works closely with Sales Leadership, the team and Marketing to devise tactical strategy that builds off of our existing client base and further expands our reach across sales verticals. 


The successful candidate will take the lead on identifying both Benefit and Curated Auction related opportunities with a strategic approach that leads to sales conversion and other business development such as luxury partnerships. This role reports to our Sales Leadership Team and collaborates part of the organization to connect clients & partners to relevant resources provided at our New York HQ. You will focus on current and evolving sales verticals such as Storefronts and work on cross-sales and upsales proactively. 


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