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60.2 K Mthly
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June 1, 2020

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live-in Job for a Promos Hospitality Gal or Promotions Hostess to help me. I work as a Film funding investor and been with same large well established movie studio now over 18yrs.. I am the youngest they ever had working in this field as I do...all other men aree over 77 yrs old, grey haired and elderly.. But they all look down on me as a beginner still. But I pull in good over 18 yrs under same contract now...been there that long. This is sunbathing allot weekends by poolside and during week at my estate. The studio gave me renewed contract options to stay with higher deal...but it was binding so I said Yes and still now doing same. The mogels of studio say I am one of the best and said that over the phone... So do I have an ego!!!! hum... I carry on hand extra access of capitol gains where I can use employees myself for home life. But I don't.. I just use a in home domestic agency---over in rodeo drive district, that services both my homes and boat out in the marina docks... I use that boat to go to the islands on weekends to deal with the buisness meets there... Well enough said. If no interest then dump all this. No reply needed. Delete please. I have already moved on to all others.

I have been with same studio over 18yrs in funding film projects but that is so easy for me. I have a home in west L.A. high above west sunset blvd, about 4 miles west of benedict canyon blvd and from that blvd west about 11 miles from sunset strip in hills. The is one home
then I own a surfers shack that more designer style on the ocean sand, cliffs side of Malibu. But I use my boat to take to the islands on
weekends for my times in business meets with other executive's from same studio or other studios, where we do all the " overtime " stuff
that we never finished during the week. So to expand in getting all the extra funding done, that we didn't during a week's time we end up
completeing that " overtime " over in the islands all weekend. So this is where I need a promo gal not a male to apply her appearance in'
halping me get brochures and other info across while hanging with me.. This is direct hire with me and only with me. I am sending this
to other persons as well. I pay 60.2 k mthly for a live-in.. There is no other labor. I hire a in home domestic services agency for all
other needs for my both homes and boat. They service each place " entirely ' as they come in teams.

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