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$17 per hour

We are seeking a motivated, creative and energetic individual for an internship. Interns will be exposed to all aspects of the design process including seeing how our designers put together schemes and the steps involved in making those schemes a reality.
This is very much a hands-on job--the intern will shop for textile and trims at the D&D and run project related errands at the direction of our designers. They will also work in our office maintaining our resource library, pitch in on preparing presentations and helping with general organization.

Applicants should currently be students or recent graduates that can work 10 to 20 hours per week spread out over 3 days, preferably Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Preference will be made towards those enrolled in or who have recently completed an interior design degree program, though applicants in allied visual arts will be considered. Knowledge of the D&D and decorating trade sources in the New York area are helpful – though anyone who can demonstrate that they have a good eye for beautiful things and are willing to explore can learn quickly.

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