Marketing and Communication Assistant




Contract type:

Job Requirements:

1: Try to make sales with galleries ( online membership program )
2: Networking with businesses and artists ( online & offline )
3: Create Interview questions for artists and businesses
4: Proofreading
5: Find and search artists and business

Who you are:

1: Has art related background
2: Has an eye on all sorts of art and creative content
3: able to proofread for interview answer
4: Know how to network with artists and businesses on social platform
5: Can do attituate
6: very good communication skill
7: Able to get things done on time

If you prove you can work hard to get things done, this lead to a long term/senior position in the business if want.

How to apply: 

Please email your Cover Letter & Resume to " lee.artweek (at) "  or apply on this page


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