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Michael Gaillard Studio is seeking a full-time SALES ASSOCIATE from June 15 or so until Labor Day, and ideally into September if possible. Michael Gaillard Studio is a gallery located on the island of Nantucket and features the art of Michael Gaillard (Columbia MFA 10, Stanford BA 03). HOUSING WILL BE PROVIDED (It is incredibly challenging and costly to find housing on Nantucket, and very few employers offer housing on island). For an average of 40 hours a week for 10 weeks, this job will pay 12000 dollars (or 16000 if you already have housing).
It should be noted that I already have secured a highly desirable candidate for this coming summer, but her profession as a writer and an educator precludes her from committing to more than the summer of 2018. I am continuing this search in hopes of finding someone capable of committing to a longer-term engagement, with potential to play a more significant role in my business enterprise and expansion going forward. Should the relationship prove successful in 2018, the employee will be expected to return for the summer of 2019. Eventually, this employee could rise to a directorial level, at which point profit sharing will be part of the terms of the contract.
Qualified candidates should be highly motivated and organized, and have experience in a contemporary gallery setting. If you lack experience in a gallery setting, but have strengths that offset that inexperience, please apply. I am willing to stretch the requirements to allow for the right person to be found. I provide an extensive Employee Handbook that details every aspect of the business and my practice. It is crucial that the content in the handbook is committed to memory, but it is only in service of my employees achieving a level of comfort from which to achieve a confidence necessary to be an effective surrogate for me when I am not in the gallery. This knowledge should ultimately enable you to be creative with the content Ive provided you in the handbook.
You should be interested in becoming an important addition to a small team; be proactive, hardworking, and have the ability to multi-task and prioritize in a fast-paced environment.
The right candidate will be intellectually curious, self-motivated, socially nimble, and willing to commit significant effort to achieving proficiency within this role.
Working closely with the gallery director in the conducting of gallery business
Creating, developing, and sustaining relationships with artists, collectors, consultants, and museum professionals
Having an in-depth understanding of the artists individual practice, techniques, and biography
Committing all details related to the description, editioning, and pricing of the artwork and the gallerys inventory to memory, and being able to relay this content to the public with ease
Assisting in the coordination and implementation of gallery exhibitions and events
Maintaining the gallerys appearance and keeping the gallerys storage organized and efficient. This requires being comfortable with some light manual labor in the form of cleaning, stocking, and organizing. The ideal candidate will be able to perform these tasks when necessary, and not only when asked to do so.
excellent communication skills, attention to detail, and a strong work ethic
please be fun to be around. This should be a fun summer.
some experience with marketing strategies for fine arts and a eagerness to engage in discussions to that end.
At least a B.A. in Art History, Fine Art or related field (or equivalent professional experience.)
sales experience in a contemporary art gallery setting, although will consider high-end retail experience for the right candidate (not essential... intelligence, curiosity, and work-ethic are more important)
available to work at night (until 10pm at the latest)
familiarity with and interest in contemporary art
ability to work independently and efficiently within tight deadlines
proficiency with Mac computers and programs
a flexible and positive attitude, and a willingness to perform any task that arises.
Sometimes these tasks may seem menial, but when a part of such a small team, everyone must contribute and be willing to roll up their sleeves. There will inevitably be many demands that arise that fall outside of the above description.
The right candidate must be flexible and expansive in terms of how they perceive their role in the gallery, and willing to fulfill duties that may extend beyond the walls of the gallery, but play an integral role in its success.
Please contact with a detailed cover letter and rsum. The more information, the better.

How to apply: 

Please email with Cover Letter and Resume.