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"Art, design and rock ’n’ roll. It might sound as a cliché but this is the simplest, most honest and coherent way of try to explain this double illustrators that answers to the name “Bicicleta sem Freio” (Bicycle Without Brakes in English). Douglas and Renato met for the first time at the Visual Arts course from the Federal University of Goias (UFG). The BSF came together as a big group of class colleagues that just wanted to have fun, create, draw and animate whatever came into their minds. Most of the early work was posters for rock concerts and cultural events. In a way this experience would directly influence the birth of the band Black Drawing Chalks (of the three just Renato isn’t in the band). I think the main characteristic of this group is the manual work, the care with the typography and the drawing of girls, a lot of girls. With influences that go from Edward Mucha to James Jean, the boys explore with mastership the colors, the shapes and curves of a variety of girls, always with a dose of psychedelic and unique humor. Even if it’s an insider’s reference about a favorite sandwich of one of the members or a tattoo that disclaims their origins. I’ve had the pleasure of working with them in various occasions, but I can highlight two: on the 

production of the music video “My Favorite Way” for the band Black Drawing Chalks and the production of a soda commercial. With the production of the video we were swamped in a production that took five months, the environment was intense and unique. On the production of the soda commercial I had put together a last minute team, and with the deadline already exceeded I wasn’t able to do the job with the quality I wanted. It was at that time that I called them and asked if they could rescue me. They were up for it and the job turned out great and the customer pleased, I’ll be forever grateful for that. I wouldn’t be exaggerating to say that they live what they draw. Sometimes that doesn’t quite work, but most of the times the result is astounding and genius. The team effort has been raising awareness on all continents, the guys have been lending their unique touch to customers around the world, not bad for three boys riding a bike at full speed without any kind of breaks."

by Marck Al – Nitrocorpz

 Bicicleta Sem Freio
Verginiya Yancheva
Holly Andres
Alysandra De Gonville Morrison
Eyvind Earle
Illustration Digital Painter
Josep Ramon Domingo
Andrew Hem
Maja Wrońska

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