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Crimson & Clover


This is a seventies fashion editorial piece with a ‘Summer of Love’ concept. Inspired by American fashion, it was shot in Glendalough as its mountains and forests fit the style of the shoot.

Having previously explored love in a darker light through photography, I wanted to convey love in a passionate and playful style. I have found there is a lack of female created content representing female relationships in the media.

The title of this collection refers to musician Joan Jett’s cover of the song ‘Crimson and Clover’. Jett was openly bisexual and is claimed to have dedicated her rendition of the song to ex-band mate Cherie Currie.

This piece was inspired by my passion for high-fashion, commercial and creative photography. Some of the themes explored in my work are love, sexuality, rebellion and wild youth.

Anna Kerslake
Gabrielle Cooper
Matthew Grabelsky
luke hutson-flynn
Chih Han Hsu
Armando Veve

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