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Alice in Wonderland


"„Art does not reproduce the visible but makes things visible.“ - Paul Klee 
When we enter a room of artworks by Anouk Griffioen we find ourselves surrounded by colossal people, hybrid beings and shadows. The auras of these works can be frightening, strange and confusing, but they also arouse the viewer’s curiosity about the inner beings inside her creations. Her lifelike method of depiction lends them great expressivity. 
Griffioen amalgamates reality and imagination; flora and fauna merge seamlessly into one another, thus forming 
surrealistic dream worlds. Griffioen is capable of committing the invisible and unreal to paper, all the while making it seem like reality to the observer. 
The great depth, complexity and attraction of her artworks are illustrated and enhanced by the effect of her black- and-white charcoal and pencil drawings. For these, she uses formats that range from life-sized to monumental, which underscore the effect and forcefulness of her works. Her inspiration and imaginativeness derive from small, everyday things and from the imagined worlds of her children. 
Like “Alice in Wonderland”, she pitches us into a dimension where the laws of nature no longer hold good and where our imagination knows no bounds. In this way she expands our field of experience using something special and wondrous. Every work in her oeuvre possesses an extraordinary power of attraction, which the viewer finds it hard to escape. "

Graziella Kuhn 

Anouk Griffioen's
Carina Ehlers
geometry, abstract, colours
Margaret Chwialkowska
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