Dos soles


My name is Beatriz Costo and I´m a graphic designer from Madrid, Spain.

I would like to share with you one of my latest projects, It´s an editorial design and illustration project called "Dos soles" ("Two suns" in Spanish)
When I knew I was going to become a mother of twins, I started an illustration project called Two Suns ("Dos Soles in Spanish), by which I wanted to voice the emotions and feelings I was experiencing. Later, I compiled all the illustrations from my children´s first year of life and I made this book. The book cover and the outer case create the image of one of the illustrations from the project that represents a sunrise in which two suns appear between the mountains.
You can see this project and the rest of my portfolio on my website.
Ypu can see all the illustrations of the project in Tumblr and Instagram


Beatriz Costo
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