Something Shiny Slips Away

"London-based artist Chloe Early adopts tropes from the history of Western painting, seamlessly merging figuration and abstraction. Drawn from historical sources, Early’s meticulously rendered figures evoke both romantic and Renaissance paintings in their allegorical functions, suggesting pleasure or pain, agony or ecstasy. “I’ve always been interested in opposites in my work and exploring themes which can have a dual interpretation,” Early has said. She paints bodies among clusters of images such as planes, birds, and carnival rides, yet the representational elements of her paintings dissolve into painterly swaths of colors, dripped and scraped across the compositions. Each painting, often comprised of oil on aluminum, offers a lush and luminous play with light."

Chloe Early's
Blank William
Benedict Redgrove
Ran Ortner
Ise Ratta Ananphada

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