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Self identity


"Christian Curiel's figurative paintings,works on paper and sculpture, explore self-identity through latent memories of youth and maintain a central focus on self-discovery, relationships and belonging. Through meta-surrealist depictions, Curiel uses various signifiers for illustrating the complexities of being and the concerns of self-identity, socio-psychological integration and how they correlate. Curiel makes a daring and aesthetic statement by presenting highly imaginative yet semi-autobiographical works that are at once detached yet eerily familiar. The figures are somewhat tragic but coming of age and in transition. The result is a shared experience in which his self-examination creates nostalgic paintings that explore the permanent nature of both identity and narrative through the use of storytelling. Our memories have a formative say in how we develop and his images open up the possibility of interpretation. Curiel recognizes that dreams remain a source of his art and that art itself is another form of dreaming." 

Christian Curiel
Aerosyn-Lex Mestrovic
Lukas Furlan
Richard Silver
"Shy" Original Watercolor Life, Nude Painting, 10 X 12 on Watercolor Paper.
Sherry Harradence
Paul Pope
Ran Ortner

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