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Desdemona Sleeping Beside Death


"I want to restore that epic and mythological dimension,a sense of awe and reverence for the world. The fact is they are not much about my personality. I want to be a storyteller. I want to believe that life is still wild." 

CHRISTINA PETTERSSON explores resurrection and savage demise on a grand scale once reserved for history painting. Her large graphite works on paper reference classic mythology and literature, and include herself as the recurring female figure surrounded by animals, most particularly birds. Seen altogether, these figures act as augurs or prophets, 
foretelling the future from the past, yet apprehensive of the omens. These otherworldly landscapes reveal a deep allegiance to the wilderness of a bygone era, and the experience of a world in decline. Rooted in a highly Romantic tradition, they embody a restless spirit, a longing for the unbounded and indefinable, and fervent emotion as the truest source of visual experience. 

Christina Pettersson
Tania Volobueva
Leonora Miranda Scott
wave calligraphy on canvas(pop art)
Agata Preyss
Marko Gavrilovic

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