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In the occult animal kingdom that Cory Benhatzel has created, she paints the ghostly creatures she’s wanted to see since she was a child.  Inspiration comes from such diverse worlds as The Last Unicorn and Disney movies to magic, witchcraft and nature itself.  

In addition to personal and occult symbolism, Cory employs Floriography, the Victorian- era form of communication also called The Language of Flowers within each piece.  By this code, every flower has a specific meaning which lends itself to the imagery.

Born in Amherst, New York , Cory Louise Benhatzel always aspired to be a lifelong artist.  Her desire led her to Los Angeles where she earned her BFA from Otis College of Art and Design, and from there began exhibiting her work in galleries worldwide.  She currently resides in her hometown with her husband, eldest daughter-cat, Moogle, she-wolf husky, Ghost and youngest daughter-kitten, Häxa.


Cory Benhatzel
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