Abstract Landscapes of the San Francisco Bay Area

These works I've selected to show all of you, are images from a work in progress of highly abstract landscape photographs taken around the San Francisco Bay Area.  My earlier works on film, of the landscape theme, tended to be much more painterly in style.  But since I've switched over to digital, the work has become far more abstract and colorful - like modern, pop art.  I'd like to think, that both Warhol and Jackson Pollock, would  enjoy these works.  I am based in San Jose, and so much of my landscape compositions, are created mostly in and around, the South Bay.  One doesn't really make the natural association, between landscape photography, and ' Silicon Valley '.  But I also feel, that there is a similarity between the perception, of innovation, that one attributes to Silicon Valley, and these vibrant and abstract iimages, I've been creating. I truly hope that the sense of ' cutting edge ' photographic art, that I feel these works posess, results in a similiar feeling all of you have also towards this work, once having reviewed these images.

Please do let me know if you find these works entertaining, and if you would like to present them to your audience.

Thank you so much.


Craig Scoffone

Craig Scoffone