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Liz Merritt Kong is a shimmering, radically minded, non-binary, plant eating, QTAPI (queer/trans-asian/pacific islander)  painting their way through the universe. Raised in Glen Avon of Riverside California; Liz graduated from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree (BFA).

While well versed in multiple forms of painting such as acrylic, watercolor, and gouache, Liz's most frequented medium is oil paint.  Much of their painting style deals with contrast and gradients in terms of color, vibrance and value.  With color schemes derived from tetrads and triads, bold colors and smooth transitions are placed within circular formations.

As a gender non conforming and mixed race individual, there are a lot of intersections playing into the subject matter their artwork deals with. Struggle, transition, appearance and cycles are a reoccurring topic within the imagery.  While seeking to distance themselves from a Eurocentric idea of art, Liz is on a continual investigation of what it means to be a body navigating the boundaries of race, gender, class and expression.   

Also an avid printmaker, Liz has worked extensively with intaglio methods of printmaking as well as relief i.e linoleum, woodblock.

Elizabeth Merritt Kong
Kurt Perschke
Georgia Lubert
Ryan Vautier
The King And His Wife - Waiting, embroidery, 50x60 cm, back side
Ivana Ognjanovac
Lukas Furlan
Jarek Kubicki
Arielle Wilkins

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