Linear Abstraction Series

Linear Abstraction is the first combined abstract series exploring abstraction within painting. The series is new for 2016 and currenlty ongoing with one fully complete piece 'Linear Abstraction 1.0' and the second piece 'Linear Abstraction 2.0' is under construction . Inspired by themes and ideas within American Pop art and Abstract Expressionism.

The piece is a combined artwork consisting of an acrylic painting on board and a plaster form also painted in acrylic. The painting's image is taken from the artist's personal photography of garden flowers circa 2009.

Each photograph is minimally drawn, taking away the 3 dimensional aspect of photography and blown up to size on the board. A section of this painting is then taken and worked into a 3 dimensional hollow case plaster form. Both pieces are then painted in the same colours with the intention of making the artwork as one whole piece, changing the viewers’ attention to the space in which they stand not just focusing on the walls of their environment.

The series questions the ideas of what can be considered a painting? How abstract painting is evolving within the art world? And not only how have art genre's developed in history but how artists can still work on progressing the initial ideas within different art practices to create something of their own.

Emma Coyle

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