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Untitled Series


The Untitled series is a series of contemporary paintings made 2014-2016. The series is inspired by contemporary fashion photography and media imagery. The series of work started by collecting imagary from fashion and style magazines for over 2 years. Images were carefully sellected from the magazines and compiled in groups, then another selection was made from these groups to focus on the stronger images.

After 20 plus images were taken aside drawings of each image were made, minimising detail and line work. After the drawings were finished over a number of weeks, colour verisons were made for each image. Then again a final selection was made and painting on boards commenced. Throughout the painting process more line work is taken away to make each image stronger. Each paintings is 109x84cm and painted in acrylic on baord. Paintings from the series have been shown at the Mall Galleries and in the Chelsea Town Hall. The series has also been featured on the cover and within the following publications:

Litro                                                                   London {2016}

Visions Libres                                                     Germany {2016}

Avari Magazine                                                   Washington, USA {2015}

Mayfair Times                                                     London {2015}

Emma Coyle
''The thing...'' oil on canvas,70/50/4 sm
Asia Dzhibirova
''Chaplin'',oils on canvas ,60/50 sm FOR SALE
Asia Dzhibirova
Petra Stefankova
Gray Malin
Jemisha Maadhavji

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