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The 1900's series


For this series, I wanted to create images that would in some way contrast with my earlier work, in that I wanted images that would feel airy and bright vs. the chiaroscuro I had been working on my Renaissance series, I had this vision of white wardrobe on white backgrounds, and I knew I wanted to shoot in studio vs. location. 

I found inspiration in late 1800’searly 1900’s studio portrait photography, with their use of painted backdrops and simple props, and used that as a starting point.

Since this was meant to be a re-interpretation, not a replica, we decided the wardrobe to be a mix & match of modern and vintage, stylish yet believable.
Keeping the color palette minimal was essential for the translation from the black and white portraits, so I decided to use vintage props, that would be mostly made out of wood and leather, giving me a tonal range that would play beautifully with skin tones & the all white wardrobe, creating almost a duotone feeling for the images.

Freddy Fabris
Francoise Nielly
Fatale Femmes
David Crunelle
Holly Albright
Danielle Goodman
Agata Preyss

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