On the Border


On the Border explores family history. This project is an exploration into my ancestors and retraces the journey they made from Russia to the UK, in the 1900s, fleeing religious persecution. It is partly factual and partly imagined, as over time information has been lost. The images are a combination of elements including still life, ice and stitching. Continuing on from previous work in which I froze old family photographs to act as a monument and preserve a memory, I have frozen photographs of the family members which made the journey, alongside maps and documents. I’ve used both archive photos and my own, in order to convey their journey as I imagine it may have happened.

Georgia Lubert
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Amanda Elizabeth Joseph 
Design of elephants made with pen, colored pencil, and pastels
Jinsey Cox
Sally Mann
underwaterphotography, antm
Susanne Stemmer
Rose M Barron J William Hill
Rose M Barron
Greg Sand

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