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My work has predominately focused on dancers. What they are able to do with their bodies is amazing; putting themselves into positions that for others would seem impossible. When photographing each individual dancer whilst they moved to the flow of the music I found that I was intrigued by the concentration that went into each movement and how they are able to be one with their own body, creating different movements and pushing their bodies to its limits. My work differs from other photographers because most photographs look at a dancer’s movement but I want to look much deeper then that; the aim of my photographs is to capture how mentally and physically strong a dancer is rather than focus on movement alone.

I have been influenced by the work of Rick Guest, Paul Kolnik and Jordan Matter. These photographers have made me think appropriate techniques used to photograph dancers, whether it be outside, within a studio setting or a performance stage. Paul Kolnick especially, has inspired me to think much more deeply about the importance of lighting to enhance body position. His lighting technique makes the performers look much more dramatic, and enhances muscular detail. Jordan Matter predominately takes pictures outside in usual settings. I had not considered the option of photographing dancers outside of a studio setting until I researched his work. Rick Guest has influenced my research after considering his work using fast and slow shutter speeds. The slow shutter speeds create an element of sculpture and movement, however the faster shutter speeds pick out fine detail and musculature of the dancers.

Georgina Cuthbert
Shuichi Nakano's
solomon ochola
Gregor Gaida
Design of elephants made with pen, colored pencil, and pastels
Jinsey Cox
Miklós Kiss
Futurama fan art
Jonathan Ball

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