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It’s a photographic project based on anti beauty, in an era where everything is fake, where everything is designed to appear, even a simple photo has lost its spirit due to the editing.

I decided to create a project that did reflect, or where the secondary

part of the picture becomes the main part.


We all often loose our head for something or someone,

it may happen every day or at least once in a lifetime.

This happens to all of us and that's what I want to suggest,

How would we look without our heads, without our body engine?

could we frame this pic? this image may look funny, scary, unique…

I thought why not to "decapitate" our heads off to see what it looks like.

The result came, and sometimes it's amazing.

Being part of a Community like @Instagram,

I could not stop myself from sharing this idea with millions of Igers,

making everyone of you take part of this project

not only my followers but every person/Iger who feels attracted to this new idea.

And this is that Intagram loved...

The global collaboration between all the instagramers around the World.

How would you look without your head?


The original idea of this project came a day that I was in Ses Salines (Ibiza famous beach), I was watching a group of girls who played with an oval mirror with the sun's rays reflected on their faces minewhile,

I thought that was an absurd image and suddenly came into my head the next question: How they will be without head?

I need to show all these ideas, then as soon I come back home I sat down front of my laptop and then, all started… I did not want to do it with my pictures so I thought that to expand globally in my project

I had to do it with so many people so I thought the speed of communication that Instagram  offers to their community and to the lovers of “mobilegraphy”

I started asking various famous Instagramers (famous users of Instagram) who I was following, but I never expected that I'm having an incredible success.

Today my profile have around more 90k followers.

And it was precisely that the own Instagram liked it, the fact that collaboration was globally among countries and users, without distinction of race, sex, origins, etc.

These photos come from all over the world, I get many, I select the specific criteria by which I understand that in that particular shot I can see something,

I can imagine how it would be the end result and I prepare for my daily publications on my profile.

Giuseppe Pepe
John Gripenholm
Francesco Romoli
Kalpesh Lathigra
Meghan Volpe
JC Candanedo
Mikhail Khokhlov
El Diario del Dr. Chapuí. Poster Design.
Nude minimal black and white photograph by artist Maciek Wojciechowski

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