My parents divorced when I was small. Growing up, the memory of them being together faded and I created separate memories and relationships with them. I never fully realised that they were once together in the same room, never mind in a relationship.


Living with my mother in Belfast, I always knew she kept a box of ‘evidence’ that showed they had been together as well as the effort she put into keeping in contact with my father on my behalf and for my benefit.


I later discovered my father, living in London, had a similar box which reinforced the effort they both put in to have a relationship with me. Looking at the items from the boxes, I came to realise the vulnerability both my parents had experienced through the divorce and the fear that I would lose contact.


These photographs are proof not only of my parents being together but also the of sacrifices and effort both had made for me while their relationship together disintegrated.

Holly Foskett
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Amazing Holly....and you are a credit to
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