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He Suffers With His Nerves


The male psyche is a problematic entity, and when drawn out into the harsh light of analysis and discussion reels, yearning to retreat back into the darkness. In Modern Ireland, the notion of a man seeking support for mental health issues, despite numerous awareness campaigns and the like, is still heavily weighted with stigma and shame. This project is a document of the emotional turmoil a young man faces in his everyday life. In photographing his body and the surrounding spaces in which he feels the most at war with himself, the feelings of isolation, insecurity, and melancholy are encompassed. Through this process, the project becomes transfigured as his mental anguish itself has been used as a catalyst for the recovery of his mind. Thus, the project functions as a method of therapy.

Hue Hale
Parasite IV
Camille Laoang
Rachel Weisz & Rachel McAdams (Apr 2018)
Orlagh Murphy
 Bicicleta Sem Freio
Rene August
Leigh Ellexson
Leonidas Bratini

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