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"A collection service and a set of decorative tableware made of waste electric cables. A brand new making process and a new way to look at waste."

This is a self initiated project about upcycling waste electric cables. It started when i passed by a skip in bricklane and noticed that there were luggages of second hand cables being sold. I researched more into it and realised that a lot of these cables were also sold in electronic stores, but no one notices them as people often go for new cables. When i talked to the people selling them, they said they collect them from other people and companies, from rubbish bins or from websites like Freecycle. Then i realised, the truth is most of the electronics we use nowadays are at home, and with most electronics come electric cables. When those electronics are broken, the cables are often left behind with no purpose and people would keep them thinking it might come in handy in the future. But the truth is, they never use it. So it piles up at home in a cabinet.

Therefore as a response, i created not only a new process of making but also a cable collection service as part of my concept for those who don't know what to do with their unused or damaged cables at home. Firstly the person would order a collection bag online from the company's website, once they've received the bag, all they simply need to do is put the cables into the bag and free-post it back. In return they would received a discount code that they can later on purchase these tableware products. Returning what was once hidden and useless at home in a more useful and vibrant form.

Jaslene Lai
The Chinese Philosopher, study from a sculpture by Dora Gordine.
Leonora Miranda Scott
Aaron Nagel
Vogue, Mariamillan, madonna, highfashion, nipples, nude, topless
Mark Styling
Wilfried Grootens
Pat Perry

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