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The artworks of Joe Papagoda (b. May 21st, 1992) take on mythological proportions in the moments of viewing, sensing, and responding. Joe's most known series of abstract paintings, Myths, recognizes these mechanisms of power and expressive spirit. His signature style includes pure colors evoked by similar spectral light displayed in strong and active compositions. 

Myths is an innovative body of work which is allegorical, and timeless. These artworks are based loosely on ancient myths and legends that evoke an expressive power, without relying on figurative suggestions. They're presented as color fields which are boldly known for their primordial essence, making them the perfect basis for such a mythic art. These artworks are created in conjunction with revolutionary narrative titles to serve in part as a mechanism to empower communication between the mind of the artist, and the imagination of the viewer.

Aside from painting, Joe - like that of a master artist with multiple styles - works in other mediums such as photography, digital art, objet trouvé, and sculpture.

Ultimately, Joe Papagoda's vision is guided by a moral purpose to achieve, create, and inspire creativity in others.

Joe Papagoda

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