Way to my heart


The basis of my project constitutes maps of different cities and countries of Europe. Since I like traveling the map displays in my project have been brought by me from various trips, during which they have served me good stead. Therefore, these maps bear the imprint of my journeys and impressions.

On top of the map tiles are imposed images of men and women in various poses. Avenues, streets and lanes like veins are breaking through theirs body. The poses of my characters may be perceived by the audience variously: as openness and as a sort of road sign... And maybe they are flying?

So I am representing image of the person of the new millennium – dreaming, searching, thinking and cognizing this complicated world. They open their souls for all new; they are seeking themselves and their place in the modern world.

Very important aspect of my project is that it’s displaying the difficult situation that has arisen with the migration crisis in Europe. So any member of the audience can stop for a minute and wonder: "How to find the way to my heart?".

Kateryna Bortsova
Like 5 
Night Plant Life, Oil on panel, 24in x 30in
Samantha Morris
Metamorphosis of the windows of the Palace of the Winds in Jaipur, India
Unity Art Nabiha and Thom
Andrew Hem's
David Michael Bowers
Parasite IV
Camille Laoang
Laura Cammarata
Ari Weinkle
Catherine Pain

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