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Temporal / visual transgression Graphic experientations


This project is a result of a process i've started about a year ago in order to build a personna graphic style. I'm working both digitally or traditionnaly on these images. I've always been interested in classic Art, portraits, sculptures... But at the same time i've studied Graphic design at school and it openend to me the world of the " graphic design" which uses so many different codes. I wanted through these personnal experimentations to bulid my own style and doing what i call a "Temporal Visual Transgression " by mixing classic subjects like statues and including them into some abstract contemporary backgrounds . For me this is a way to show that in this society we try to keep as much memories of the past in museums. I was trying to imagine if those sculptures had the opportunity to see the modern world and felt the "shift" between the period when they were originally created centuries ago and now. What kind of feelings they would feel? Sculptures are some kind of witnesses of the past and they remain still as marble and stone through centuries. But our world is changing so fast now, this create a big "temporal shift" in their world. This is what i try to represent graphically throught this personnal project.

I've learned to paint on my computer digitally and progressively wanted to work also traditionnally using various mediums to keep this graphic style i started to build on computer. You can see in my selection various works from this artisitic path and personnal project to bulid my identity as an Artist. Some on these works are Digital paintings and some others are Mixed media. 

Johannes Stötter
Sally Mann
Sarah Hudson-Duncan
Yiorgos Mavropoulos

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