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The Enlightened Man


Even in the 21st century, man is still a mystery.
As an artist, I’m on a quest for an enlightened man.
The Enlightened man is a lighting sculpture made from recycled plexiglass pieces. The idea is to make a series of lighting sculptures that would communicate with the viewer through the light. For such a project to be done, I needed a sculpture with an illuminated body that could radiate through the colorized structure on its surface. 
The sculpture “Enlightened man” is bare in front of universal truth. That means that there is a knowledge of which we can’t hide anything.
A body covered in colors is a symbol of freedom and choice that we have, and the light inside illuminates the spirit.
“Enlightened man” takes the energy from nature during the day (solar version) and during the night, he returns that energy back, following the Circle of Life.
White parts of the sculpture shine stronger like an adopted achievements, while large areas of color present hidden secrets. Darker parts and colors stand for mysteries that are still unknown.
The general idea is to create more sculptures as a public art project in various cities. Every single man will be different but each will show an enlightened man in his different stages of development.


Marko Gavrilovic
Gabrielle Cooper
Matthew Grabelsky
luke hutson-flynn
Chih Han Hsu
Armando Veve

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