World from the Other Side

Originally from South Urals in Russia, Nina Tokhtaman Valetova New York based visual artist. Holding Master's degree  in Art from University BGPU in Ufa, she has been working as a painter since 1982. 
Nina's works explore the  relationship  between ancient cultures, mythologies,  fantasy,
metaphysics and philosophy.
 The theme of metaphysical realism, visionary art , fantasy art  has been very well presented in oil paintings and digital art works by Nina  Tokhtaman Valetova. Experiments with color, composition and dimension make paintings enigmatic and paradoxical. Her works have philosophical depth . With imagination and meditation  Nina uses as a student of Eastern philosophy of Zen the archetypes of the unconscious to the understanding of the universe multilateral thin. Her works have dreamlike quality , wherein objects frequently turn into one another .

Nina Valetova

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