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Hunters, fishermen and farmers


"I loved the wilderness of the Arctic. It was like going into a book one hundred years back in time it was so spectacular. The landscape and the environment there is such a unique thing. Youre the richest person on earth you see billions of stars at night and its all yours. It was was difficult photographing in the Arctic but its like a state of mind you focus your head on something and you get used to it. You have to be careful you could lose your fingernails by opening your camera. It sometimes made me wonder what it would be like to be on the moon. Youre wearing gloves, trying to take pictures and it was hard because its minus 30, 35, 40 degrees sometimes, and windy, so its very cold. I used manual film cameras its not worth using batteries when youre on the ice because everything freezes when youre out there."

Ragnar Axelsson
Egene Koo
Rachel Charlotte Mathews
Thierry Cohen
Francoise Nielly

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