Drawing history and anffection with the silenced voices

My name is Ritchelly Oliveira, I'm a visual artist and I'm from Brazil. I beginning my work in a phase where everything seems to slip through my fingers, as well as the words that time. The drawing that accompanies me from an early age, gaining strength when I realize that is for him now speak. I remember as a child to learn to ride a bicycle; dizziness relationship. with the unknown eternal are always inseparable from a path, relate to my current design process.

For a long time, my work has been focused on my affective experiences, on how I have dealt with, and I continue to deal with these breaks, breaks and cuts that we have in our loving and affective lives. But I got to the point that it was no longer enough just this personal speech. I needed to amplify these experiences, to bring the voice of others. In 2015 I started a series called "Gaps" where I invited people to portray and together a testimonial about their conception of what love is, and how their affective disruptions affected their lives at that time. But today, my artistic speech is more connected to the black movement, and I believe that this entrance to the black movement came very organically after this reflection. And with everything that has been happening on the social, political scene in Brazil - but not only in Brazil, in the world as well - it is of great importance to give this space of visibility to the black community, which has always been invisibilized in the history of our country. And to be able to talk about it in my work, and to bring it personally, affectively, showing the affective side of each one, is of extreme importance not only for me, but for thousands of people who have their voices silenced and their stories erased. It is very important that we can change this scenario so that these people can be in places that allow their visibility, taking their knowledge, culture and history, so that they are not seen as a marginalized body or hypersexualized.