Postcard Submission


Lancashire born impressionistic artist Sazi Harrop has a unique style, which is bringing her to another level of popularity.  Known for her  paintings of architectural buildings she is making a name for herself in her local area as well as Europe and New York. 

1)' Down Ashtrees way'  A bustling  little street is the inspiration of this piece and brings to life  event's in summer. Fates and fairs and special sale days.

2) 'Glastonbury' The pyramid stage. Music and colourful flags bring together a vibrant picture of last years festival.

3)' An Inspirational pair'.  Sazi's Friend's daughter winning the prize at Hickstead'

4)' Proud as a Peacock'  A beautifully painted 1920's girl with simple lines and vibrant colours

5) 'Party Gal'  In the same style as 'Proud as a Peacock'  with simple lines and vibrant colour, giving the feel of the 1920's style and vigour.

Sazi Harrop
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The Chinese Philosopher, study from a sculpture by Dora Gordine.
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Adrian Farr
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