Portaits SHFWILF


My name is Sebastaian Suciu, I'm 22 years old from Romania. I graduated Highschool of arts department architecture in 2012, after that in 2015 I graduated in the same country the University of Visual Arts department Design. I stardet drawing at the age of 5, characters from cartoons and landscapes and arround at the age of 11 I felt in love with portraits after my dad put me on a chair and drew my face. I was hooked. Since then I never stopped drawing portraits. This is just a hobby I never learnd anything in high school or university about face anatomy, proportions of the face, shading. I had a couple of chit chats with my proffesors about this subject but that's pretty much it. I was always impressed by the realism of a traditional drawing/painting and the simplicity of the modern art so in the last year I tried to combine them and getting more and more obsessed with finding my own style, my own voice and language in art. Still haven't found what I'm looking gor but I getting closer with each step. Long story short I moved in London 6 months ago, I'm a based london artist now looking for inspiration a story, a face, a street, feeling, smell, anything that can give me inspiration. There's really a lot to be told about the journey since I moved here and how I tried to sell my portraits to Hotels, Galleries, Restaurants, even KFC and Starbucks, but nothing yet. Hope I'll hear a response from you guys and hope I can tell you my story face to face. 

Thank you!


Sebastian Suciu