Cabinet of Curiosity


“Man has always used natural elements for decorative purposes, often exploiting and modifying the nature to his own taste, with the only intent of owning the beauty. I have always admired with wonder and respect the nature, I believe that it is the greatest expression of beauty, that kind of beauty that satisfies the senses, that kind of beauty that only art can approach. That’s the reason why in my work I take inspiration from natural forms, repurposing them through a decorative key that preserves the elegance and poetry. A contemporary “Cabinet of Curiosity” where nature is respected not defaced, reproducing the essence by fragile and transparent shapes.” –Simone Crestani, Venice, Italy

Simone Crestani
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Amanda Elizabeth Joseph 
Design of elephants made with pen, colored pencil, and pastels
Jinsey Cox
Sally Mann
underwaterphotography, antm
Susanne Stemmer
Rose M Barron J William Hill
Rose M Barron
Greg Sand

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