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White , Blue & Wild Red Glory


White , Blue & Wild Red Glory: This series i shot all on analogue 35mm colour film. After spending 3 months in summer 2016  in New York ,and after just a few days i realized that you are constantly reminded that you are in United States of America, since there are flags , not only in almost every corner, also signs, clothes or letters that resamble the colours of the Flag : White , Blue and Wild Red Glory. So i started focusing on this. For someone living in a counrty like for example Germany its something strange, different and gets your attention, since this would not happen and it would get another kind of reaction. USA is very much patriotic and somehow it looks very normal, and you get used to it very fast, but still it was another way of seeing this  beautiful counrty. The images where taken during my stay in New York and on a roadtrip from NY to Portland.

Stefanie Schmid Rincon / Photographer

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