Daring Tales

I call myself an erroneous narrator. I invent and illustrate stories of identity confusions, plurality, and hidden symbols, all under the disguise of cruel eroticism.

My practice focuses on the ancient mixed technique of oil and tempera painting. The characters under my brush are all troubled with Dissociative Identity Disorder. These mental identical twins are endowed with convoluted limbs, masks, pale piercings, and then place them in an intricate system of maneuver of red threads. Centering on multiplicity, my paintings comprises of myriad pictorial and philosophical layers that are simultaneously clarifying and confusing. I create impossible encounters of the past and future, and superpose these fragments of time like a collage on the flat surface of a canvas. I seek to deceive the audience, while intentionally revealing the fallacies to (mis)guide them into a universe of temporal and spatial discrepancies.

Red-headed women are protagonists of my illustrated lies. They are emblems of both fragility and power. The femme fatale, often accused of causing men’s downfall, are nevertheless victims of the patriarchal society. They are man-eaters, yet they are also devoured by their manipulation of their male counterparts and deceived by their illusion of controlling their own destiny. By choreographing these women on my canvas, I make an ambiguous stance between fatalism and free will. The fate is written, only that it is written by ourselves, our other selves.

"Daring Tales" is a recent series of paintings exploring the intersection of childhood and adulthood. Inspired by the dark implications of world-famous fairy tales intended for children, I mixed in "adult-only" content into these seemingly innocent stories. The result became a collection of images both attractive and repelling to both the kids and the grown-ups, rendering them unfit for any age groups. 

Sunny J