The Disappearers

This project hinges around a short science-fiction story called ‘The Disappearers’, which explores a man’s disassociation from his work and his attempts to exercise control over his environment and routine through the acquisition of objects. This work, which I presented in a book, was placed in an installation including wallpaper, textile and glass sculptures in which the viewer could sit and read the story. The two bodies of work join up in places and part ways in others. I am interested in how the text and the physical work can consider these issues from different perspectives within the same environment, creating unexpected repetitions and conflicts. This work reflects an ongoing interest in interiors and how we attempt to regulate our environments in order to best represent our lifestyle, social standing and character to others and ourselves. 

Susie Pentelow
Maddie Rose Hills
Hsiao-Ron Cheng
David Craig
Léo Caillard
Boxen CO

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