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“One of the first times I really saw death as a spiritual confrontation rather than a physical one was when a good friend told me ‘Everyone dies twice in their lifetime – the first time when their soul leaves the body. But the second time, even more frightening, is when the last person who remembers you dies.’ With this sentiment, which has resonated with me for years, my outlook on death – and consequently life – shifted, as did the relationship I had with my art. I now search for the sublime – drawing from intangible dreams, emotions, and memories – to find a transient medium that lingers between life and death. My work is not necessarily about my life, or even my views of the world, since my experience of life is imprinted by every second, every nanosecond. Rather, I create to purge – to create the cosmos from nothingness. The artist becomes a model of chaos.”

Timothy Hyunsoo Lee
Juan Travieso
Rory DCS
Rómulo Celdrán
Ketut Ketutski
Viktoria Sorochinski
James Guppy

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