Open Call open until February 28th for the ninth edition of OPENART.

Open Call is the application form where professional artists from all over the world can apply to participate in the exhibition in 2024. It will be open until February 28th.

OpenArt is an exhibition that takes place in the city center of Örebro every second summer. Contemporary artworks are displayed outdoors and available for public interaction day and night during the exhibition period. For each edition the festival presents a large number of artists working in a wide variety of art mediums and techniques. The majority of the artworks are sculpture and installations but we welcome artists working in all disciplines, interested in the intersection between art and the public.


OPENART is a contemporary public art biennial taking place for three summer months in Örebro, Sweden. The city center is temporarily transformed into a huge outdoor art arena creating unconventional encounters between the art and the audience. Participating artists are working outside the traditional frames with an opportunity to work big, outdoors and temporary. The exhibition invites a broad and curious audience to experience the art without an admission fee and regardless if they are acquainted with art or not. We are searching for visual artists in all disciplines to apply with artworks that can be placed in the public space. We want a diversity of artworks that can challenge or transform the city with different conformations and concepts.

OpenCALL for OpenART

OpenART welcomes professional artists worldwide to apply to its 6th edition taking place the summer of 2017.

A jury of OpenART experts will select a number of artists. Invited artists will receive an artist fee of 1,000 EUR, as well as transport, travel and accommodation support.

OpenART is Scandinavia’s biggest public art biennial and takes place in Örebro, Sweden. The city centre is filled with unexpected art that makes people feel happy, disturbed and provoked. Contemporary art from all over the world is showcased for almost three months in the city and offers unexpected encounters.

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